The proposal for the 4th edition centres around living and rediscovering Lumiar ‐ the oldest council of the city which celebrates its 750th anniversary in 2017. It also happens to be the area of the city with the highest number of inhabitants. The historical and patrimonial relevance of this location will be a prominent feature of the programming along with the importance of the experiences felt by locals daily. The objective is to decentralize the attention given to more visible areas of the city and create a new interest in the many unique neighbourhoods which make this a fascinating metropolis , by bringing to the forefront the relevance of the spaces and its immaterial heritage. "In each neighbourhood, a city." ‐ will be the mission statement of the 4th edition of LisbonWeek as a reference to a re‐discovery of a city that will last no less than ten days.

LisbonWeek tickets can be found on sale on the Ticketline online platform. Visitors will be able to purchase individual tickets for each activity they would like to partake in as well as access to the promotional Passport. The LisbonWeek Passport, bought at a cost of €25, includes 3 guided tours – ‘the Lumiar Palaces’, ‘Churches & Convents’ and ‘the Lumiar Farms’ – and an additional 4th visit which can include a tour of the local rich Urban Art or a meditative walk in the Monteiro-Mor botanical garden. The Passport offers a saving between €9 and €12 compared to tickets bought individually that cost €7 or €10 depending if the visit includes a bus tour – with the help of Gray Line – or if the tour is by foot.


Museu Nacional do Teatro e da Dança

Entre-acto modernista: o Teatro e a Dança na obra de António Soares : An opportunity to get to know the scenic and off stage work of this great modernista artist of the 20th Century.

Vestir hoje o Teatro e a Dança – Novos criadores portugueses nos palcos de Lisboa : Exhibition dedicated to a number of designers, like José Antonio Tenente, Filipe Faiscaand Dino Alves that have dedicated some of their artistic work between fashion and performative arts – especially for the Lisbon theatrical stages.

Peças em Peças | Do figurar e do Trajar : Two groupings have been curated showing figurines by António Lagarto, Bernardo Monteiro and Nuno Carinhas, to name a few. Occupying part of the National Museum of Costume and the National Museum of Theatre and Dance.

Exhibitions with regular tickets price of MNTD


Photography Exhibition
The human heritage of Lumiar

In 2017, LisbonWeek launches a new look over the aspectsthat define the essence of a city. The photography project ‘Lumi’ is a celebration of the inhabitants of Lumiar – all of them, the ‘light of the neighbourhood’. The photographers Carlos Ramos, Rui Aguiar and Luis Mileu will reflect the diversity and grandiosity of this neighbourhood through the people who inhabit it. From the 25th March, in the Liminare Gallery on the Alameda Linhas de Torres 156.

Liminare Gallery
Al. Linhas de Torres 156 Lisbon
25th March - 2nd Abril
9.30 am - 5.30 pm



In this edition, LisbonWeek will present two cinema cycles which will include long and short films, from Monday 27th March to 2nd April (no screening on Saturday 1st) in the auditorium of the Orlando Ribeiro Library. Films like “As Cartas da Guerra” (Ivo M Ferreira) and “Singulariedades de uma Rapariga Loira” (Manuel de Oliveira) will be screened. Other cult films will be shown daily in the auditorium of ICA – the entity responsible for the programming of the LisbonWeek cinema cycles.

Address : ICA - R. Luís Pastor de Macedo 25A Lisboa
Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro
Estrada de Telheiras 146 Lisboa


The final result of LisbonWeek’s Educational Project which envolved over 2,000 students from the local schools can be viewed from the 25th March to the end of the week in the Parque da Quinta das Conchas. Each participating school will create a letter decorated with plastic material that will together read: ‘Salva os Oceanos’ (Save the Oceans).


Quinta das Conchas and Telheiras metro stations will become the most melodic ones in the city, thanks to LisbonWeek. From the 25th of March you'll be able to find a piano at each one of these metro stations. "Play Me" is an invitation to everyone who passes by, to join the sound of the piano.


The theme ‘Urbanism’ will be debated in a round table format presided by the architect Manuel Salgado. It will delve into the Musgueira / Alta de Lisboa theme as well as look at the urbanization of Telheiras of the 1970s. This discussion will take place on the 29th March at the Quinta do Lilases’ winter garden.


★ Discover Lisbon

LisbonWeek is a cultural event co-produced by Actu and the Lisbon Council since 2012.

In each edition, LisbonWeek invites the public for one week to explore a neighbourhood. An invitation to discover not only material patrimony – through guided visits to unique locations – but also to immaterial patrimony through multi-discinplinary and creative approaches. Starting with the unique dynamic of the neighbourhood in question, the LisbonWeek programming is created to bring focus to the differentiating characteristics of the area - offering the city a cultural and artistic product that supports plurality of experiences.


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