Lisbonweek is a communication platform for Lisboa’s boroughs. We have been telling untold stories, opening closed doors and bringing new life to forgotten boroughs through displays of art, music and culture since 2012.

From palaces to churches, communal spaces to private properties, with Lisbonweek everything is possible and everyone has a story to tell. 

We’ve been leaving our mark in the city throughout our 4 editions. The lounge designed by architect Carrilho da Graça occupied Rossio in 2013, the art exhibition dedicated to Porfirio Pardal Monteiro in Alvalade in 2015, the largest urban art piece in Lisboa put together by Filipe Pantone in the Lumiar borough, the “estúpidos” by Robert Panda in Telheiras and the massive corridor of Corvo de Raf in 2017 (Alta de Lisboa).

This year we’re thinking bigger.

Our success wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Camara Municipal de Lisboa, the Junta de Freguesia of each borough, all our partners and the generosity of everyone that has been with us since day one.

For this year’s edition we take another step towards our mission – bringing new life to boroughs- and invite you to discover the city of Lisboa in a unique manner.

We’ll have more news soon!




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