LisbonWeek is a communication platform dedicated to the dissemination of the diversity and to the awareness of the unique identity of each and all boroughs of Lisbon.

Since 2012 LisbonWeek has been unravelling vibrant city cores within the global big City!

LisbonWeek has been organizing visits to hidden and forgotten properties, and infusing neighborhoods with a breath of fresh activities through the setting up of exhibitions, live talks and round-tables, music sessions, art venues and cultural itineraries.

LisbonWeek unearths the origins of palaces and churches, vacant grounds and private locations.

LisbonWeek makes true that all sites and most buildings have a tale to be told!

The last 4 editions of LisbonWeek left a memorable imprint in the urban fabric! Two of its major landmarks were the ephemeral lounge created by the architect Carrilho da Graça (“the never ever Lisbon” edition, 2013) in the Rossio Square and the comprehensive show dedicated to the work of Porfírio Pardal Monteiro (Alvalade edition, 2015). The LisbonWeek 2017 edition presented an oversize urban art intervention by Felipe Pantone (in Lumiar), the “stupid” sculptures by Robert Panda (in Telheiras) and the gigantic mural of Corvo by RAF (in Alta de Lisboa)..

The success of the LisbonWeek initiative has only been possible to the unfailing support of the Lisbon City Council and to the successively engaged City Boroughs, in each of its annual editions.

LisbonWeek is foremost indebted to the multiple public and private entities and partners which sponsored its mission since its inception.

Last but not least LisbonWeek expresses deepest thanks to all those who generously accompanied this adventure throughout the years.

The LisbonWeek’19 edition is focused in the borough of Ajuda. Its program opens new horizons on an energetic process of shared discovery! More fresh news coming soon!