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Exposição A Minha Ajuda

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Exhibition A Minha Ajuda

Every perspective is unique and special, in this edition we wanted to show each and everyone’s take on Ajuda in an exhibition that will take place during Lisbonweek’19.

We challenged the public to take and send us their photos, their vision. The old lady staring out the window in Largo da Paz, the fountain, the tiles you walk by everyday, your favorite store , every hidden corner, the lamp down the street. Rediscover the neighborhood and see it us the locals see it.

This exhibition will show Ajuda in a way that you haven't see it. For sure you'll agree that one of the most traditional sceneries in Lisbon is the hanging clothes on the balconies and windows throughout the city. Colorful or not, with all shapes and sizes, with no hidden pieces, either the ones you see regularly on the streets or the ones that are a bit more intimate... The rope with the hanging clothes is almost a Portuguese institution! So why not recreate this form of culture printing the best pictures directly on those clothes that we are used to look at on the building facades?

That's exactly what we will do. An exhibition open to all glances in one of the most typical "pateos" on the borough and the city, where no piece of clothing will be hidden and where we'll put together arts and the most traditional culture in our country. 

Send us your pictures to From the neighbor at the window at Largo da Paz, the waterfountain, the tiles that you look at everyday, your favorite store, that hidden corner, the lamp down the street. rediscover the borough and show us how you see it. Your outlook is important for us.

We were also looking for untold stories so, that secret about Ajuda or that episode known by few, can make part of this unique discovery.



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