Exhibition A minha Ajuda

Every perspective is unique and special, in this edition we wanted to show each and everyone’s take on Ajuda in an exhibition that will take place during LisbonWeek’19. 

We challenge the public to take and send us their photos, their vision. The old lady staring out the window in Largo da Paz, the fountain, the tiles you walk by everyday, your favorite store, every hidden corner, the lamp down the street. Rediscover the neighborhood and see it how the locals see it. We are also looking for untold stories, so, if you know that secret about Ajuda or that episode known by few, tell us.

Send us your pictures to

Price: Free (no pre-registration needed)

Dates: October 26th to November 3rd

Timetable: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Duration: N/A

Mobility: Walking tour

Availabilty: N/A

Meeting point: Pátio do Bonfim, Calçada da Ajuda, nº 234



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Exhibition A minha Ajuda