A trip to the Neolithic at Rio Seco

The studies conducted by the Centro de Arqueologia de Lisboa around the Rio Seco valley, revealed an important Geological Monument right in the heart of Ajuda and allowed us to better understand the relationship between the Lisbon inhabitants and the available natural resources. Dive in a civilizational flash back and participate in the recreation of the Neolithic environment in this surprising outdoor scenario! On an alternative journey, available to people of all ages and the general public, explore the reenactment of a prehistoric settlement, in which there will be “primitive” extras recreating the day-to-day activities from six millennia ago, from preparing and cooking food to weaving, hunting and making ceramics. These educational guided tours bring to your attention the importance and value of the location itself, mostly through the minerals, fossils and other characteristics of layered settlements: the traces of the rudimentary communities, old quarries and the more recent but well preserved lime kilns, marking the continuous importance of this location through time.

Price: Free (pre-registration needed only for the guided tours)

Dates: November 2nd


- 11:30 am and 3:30 pm (guided tours with pre-registration by calling +351 218172180 or mail to until October, 31st at 4:00 pm)

- 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (pre-historical re-enactement and other activities with free access)

Duration: Variable

Availability: Limited by capacity

Meeting point: Parque do Geomonumento do Rio Seco

Other info: Activities and guided tours oriented by Centro de Arqueologia de Lisboa (CAL/CML)



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A trip to the Neolithic at Rio Seco