Ajuda Walking Tour

The Ajuda neighbourhood is the hidden gem of Lisbon. The one you rarely ear about but where it will be easier for you to capture the flavour of a city still hidden from the tourist’s eyes. Being the Lisbon´s countryside until the devastating earthquake of 1755, it became the political centre of Portugal and the permanent residence of the royal family from then on, in a period of crisis and decay immortalized by the never finished Palace of Ajuda. One of the cribs of the city´s industrial revolution and emerging working class in the 18 hundreds, the narrow cobblestones streets and quiet alleys still show a live traditional Lisbon, softly embraced by the new artistic scene that is slowly occupying the hills of Ajuda. The old greets the new at every corner and we invite you to come and see the all story with a view to the river you will never forget.

Ticket price: € 7,00 Euros – free for children under 12

Duration: 2 hours

Mobility : Walking tour 

Meeting point:  Torre do Galo – Lisbonweek car park

Availability: 25 people – per group

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Ajuda Walking Tour