(CHANGES | SEE NOTICE) Sunset Party Jardim das Damas

Have you ever imagined enjoying a sunset in a unique venue? Well, you’ll be given that opportunity at Jardim das Damas, where the most beautiful women of the court used to sunbath undisturbed, with the Tejo in sight. To the sound of Portuguese musicians you’ll be able to stroll along the gardens, listen to stories about this forgotten Jardim and climb the tower where the beautiful ladies gazed upon the boats setting sail out into the horizon...

Come and toast with us to the opening of LisbonWeek and to the discovery of Ajuda.

TAKE NOTICE: Due to the inauguration of the recently elected Portuguese Government, this event will take place on the same schedule at Jardim Botânico da Ajuda)

Price: Free (no pre-registration needed)

Dates: October 26th

Timetable: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (new timetable due to the new winter time)

Availability: Limited to the venue's capacity

Meeting point: Calçada do Mirante à Ajuda, S/N (facing nº 12) 



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(CHANGES | SEE NOTICE) Sunset Party Jardim das Damas