Down from the Ajuda’s Cemetery to Memória Church

In a time when whoever was considered noteworthy in Portuguese high-society was buried in the sacred ground of the churches and churchyards, the Queen, D. Maria I, ordered the construction of the Cemetery for the poor people of Ajuda and Belém and the servants of Casa Real. The Cemetery has been welcoming the poor of Ajuda for the past 230 years. Distinguished names such as Admiral Gago Coutinho and footballers “Pepe” and Matateu are set in stone here.

And by the place where the church was to be built, when he was shot, was the King D. José returning from a romantic encounter with Marquesa de Távora? Was he the victim of a planned attack? Were the Távoras conspiring against him? This church in Lisbon became the memory of what happened to the King but also to the ones who were punished after a not so clear trial. Baroque mausoleum built by Marquês de Pombal, its walls radiate the mystic of a that man who changed Portugal.

Price: Free (Pre-registration mail to

Dates: October 28th and 29th

Timetable: 2:30 pm

Duration: 2:30 hours

Mobility : Walking tour 

Availability: 20 people (per group)

Meeting point: Ajuda’s Cemetery main entrance

Other info: Guided tour to Ajuda’s Cemetery by Dr. Ema Câmara (Cemiterial Management Division/CML) and guided tour to Igreja da Memória by Dr. Manuela Synek (Art historian/CML)



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Down from the Ajuda’s Cemetery to Memória Church