Forest Therapy Experience - Unwind and relax at Monsanto

The Forest Therapy Experience is a 3 hour long guided walk in which we aim to devote our full attention to the surrounding nature, bringing to light our sensorial and conscious connection with it. During the walk we ask you to awaken your senses, relax and reconnect with the natural frequency and rhythm of the involving forest. Inspired by the Japanese technique Shinrin-Yoku, which literally means welcoming the forest with your senses, Forest Therapy, also referred to as Forest Bathing, helps reestablishing the balance of the nervous system, promoting health and well-being and also providing an escape from the stress of our modern lives. 

Price: € 7,00 Euros (free for children under 12 but with the need for reservation)

Dates: November 1st

Timetable: 10:00 am

Duration: 3:00 hours

Mobility: Walking tour

Availability: 25 people 

Meeting point: Moinho do Penedo

Other info: Experience guided by Patrícia Churro (Renature)



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Forest Therapy Experience - Unwind and relax at Monsanto