Lets talk about Work

According to Edward W. Younkins, executive director of the Institute of studies of Capitalism and Morality, “work is in the root of a life with sense, it’s the way for the individual independence and it’s a need to survive and human flourishing. It´s also the way that humans materialize their identity as rational beings, focus on goals.


Does life only make sense when work is one of the most important activities?

Does work guarantee human flourishing?

Is our identify linked to the concept of work?

Questions that will be answered during the Talk



Moderator: Vanda Jorge (Versa)


Guests: Pedro Ramos, Dalila Pinto de Almeida, Maura Grimaldi e Victor Soares


The talk will be in Portuguese


Nãm - espaço DELTA

R. Amorim 9, 1950-022 Lisboa


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Lets talk about Work