RES-SER Mission Statement

As part of the RES-SER project, an awareness initiative about sustainable fashion, a a clothing upcycling workshop will take place at LisbonWeek’19. Founded by a group of Design de Moda (fashion design) students from the Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa. This activity centers itself around the recycling of old or damaged denim pieces. Denim is one of the most unsustainable fabrics within the fashion industry, and recycling it is, therefore, a key element in contributing to a circular fashion. We ask those of you interested in participating in the workshop, to bring denim pieces that you no longer have a purpose for, in order to turn it into tote bags, under the orientation of the group.

Price: Free (Pre-registration mail to

Dates: October 29th and 30th 

Timetable: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Duration: 3:00 hours

Mobility: N/A

Availability: 10 people (per group) 

Meeting point: Salão Nobre da Junta de Freguesia da Ajuda, Calçada da Ajuda, 236

Other info: Workshop by the students from the Fashion Design Graduation from Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa



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RES-SER Mission Statement