Teatro Luís de Camões | LU.CA - What do the clouds see?

Certainly you have looked at the clouds lying on a hill, trough the car window on a long trip or while you were waiting sitting on a wall. And certainly you’ve seen things on the clouds that they are not: a dog’s head, dragons with thorns in their tails, hearts, or just the letter that starts your name. What you probably didn’t ask yourself is what do the clouds see, how they see it and which things they see in us that we are not. Laying on the stage, we will look at a show still being built, we will seat with the actors and the authors so we can together define what the show will be next. An “installation” show with a laboratorial component associated that will allow the public to participate in this work in progress.


  • - From 0 to 18 years old: € 3,00 Euros (€ 1,00 Euros for TEIP schools)
  • - From 18 years old: € 7,00 Euros (applicable discounts) 

Take note:

Dates: November 2nd and 3rd 

Timetable: 2:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm

Duration: 40 minutes (with talks)

Mobility: N/A

Availability: 20 people per session (children must be accompanied by a responsible adult)

Meeting point: Calçada da Ajuda, nº 80

Other info: Performance and interactive installation by Ricardo vaz Trindade in partnership with Festival Temps d'image



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Teatro Luís de Camões | LU.CA - What do the clouds see?